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(Top Two Floors) Living here was the best two years of my life. It was the perfect house to share with my six college buddies. The balcony to the north has since been removed, but the balcony to the south was ideal for gatherings and sun exposure. It was the perfect place for parties and the basement also creates a nice party space. I would not have wanted to live anywhere else and was very sad when we moved out. We cleaned weekly, so don't try to blame us for the present conditions. (PS - We always let the neighbor across the street and up the hill one house know in advance if we were having a party. He appreciated the notice.) Our albino frog that passed away is buried between the drive way and back stoop. We will always remember him. Please take care of the house and take pictures of your events, something we failed to do for the most part.

June, 2001 - June, 2003
Apartment: 2
7 Beds, 2.0 Baths $4,200.00 / month

This house has a lot of personality.

July 22nd, 2011

The location and space in this apartment is great, but those are really the only good things about it. The bathrooms are gross, the floors are so worn out I'm surprised I never fell through, it's just pretty dirty overall. I think one of my roommates might have found mold in her closet. The only reason we lived here was cause it was right next to Tufts but I would suggest, find something better! The landlord is pretty horrible as well. Not worth it.

September 22nd, 2010
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