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3 Beds, 1.0 Bath, 1st Floor, $2,600.00 / month

This apartment has a bunch of pros and cons:


The neighborhood is very nice. The Cambridge Public Library is right next door and is the nicest library I have ever been to! Also, there are three tennis courts across the street and are usually available, even at night under the lights.

Darwin's sandwich shop is right across the street and is fantastic. I spent a lot of money on their great sandwiches and baked goods, and they have free wifi if you want to skip your cable bill.

I was able to find parking on the street consistently without a problem. Sometimes I had to park a block or two away, but I always was able to park off the street. The street sweeping schedule is annoying, however.

It's a 15 walk to central square, a 10 minute walk to Harvard square, and a 7 minute walk to Inman square. It's right on a bus route that takes you to the green line, so it's pretty convenient from that perspective. If you want to be in a square, this apartment is probably not for you as you'll have to walk a little bit to get to anything.


Cambridge St is usually quiet, but especially in the summertime when the windows are open a big truck will drive down the street and you won't be able to have a conversation for a couple of seconds in the TV room.

The management company is usually responsive but there were a couple of occasions when I tried to get in touch with them and they didn't call me back. They addressed my problem after a couple of phone calls, however, so it wasn't a big deal.

The apartment building is generally clean, but isn't the nicest apartment building. The lobby generally smells bad and people smoke on the front porch, which always annoyed me slightly.


I think this is a decent apartment, but I think there are better deals to be had for 866 dollars a month.

September, 2009 - August, 2010

3BR just past Harvard, first floor, apartment on the left. Pretty decently sized.

Likes: large recently renovated kitchen, solid living space, decent bathroom

Dislikes: first floor, so street noise can be an issue if you're a light sleeper, bathroom is small, but suitable, one bedroom doesn't have a closet

September 10th, 2010
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