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5 Beds, 2.0 Baths, 2nd Floor, $3,900.00 / month

Having gone back recently, I can certifiably say this place is still a dump! The last time work was done was probably in 2005 when the residents put in a new kitchen tile floor and a semi functional shower in the bathroom off the kitchen. The landlord still is unresponsive, in fact over the weekend we visited the pipes in the basement burst, flooding it with sewage and the landlord still hadn't responded. That said, its close to campus!

September, 2004 - May, 2005
Apartment: 2
5 Beds, 2.0 Baths, 2nd Floor, $3,250.00 / month

A good spot right on College Ave: close to parts of the Tufts campus and likely beside some of your upperclassmen classmates who'll fill the houses along College Ave. Laundry in the basement, decent sized bedrooms, though one right near the stairs gets REALLY cold in the winter. There's room for a couple cars in the driveway, but you share with the upstairs and downstairs neighbors, so it might depend on whether they have cars or not. Massive basement that's great for big parties.

June, 2004 - May, 2005
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