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Apartment: 104
1 Bed, 1.0 Bath $1,400.00 / month

The place was sufficient for what we needed, but it was not luxury living. The bathroom is old and the faucet leaks, the kitchen is old as well, but functional. Cable, wireless internet and all amenities included. The place is run like a hotel with weekly cleaning service, but in reality the cleaning service (the owner) did not come more than twice in the month.
Not much to complain about other than the cleaning service.
Easy, inexpensive, directly behind Rose Medical Center. Great for visiting physicians, residents or medical students. Great access to many bus routes to bring you downtown. Parking off street.

February, 2011 - March, 2011
Apartment: 105
1 Bed, 1.0 Bath

the new owner is a real ass hole!!!

July, 2011 - April, 2012
Apartment: 303
1 Bed, 1.0 Bath, 3rd Floor, $750.00 / month

Since the new owners took over, he's a real big jerk. he has ruined the landscaping in the front of the building to where it looks like shit and took out the flagstone and pretty rocks and all the flowers and sod. The new owner told all the tenants that a new roof would be put on the building in june of 2011 and never got it done, all he did is painted silver crap over the top of it and it still leaks in my apartment and they painted the hall ways like a funeral home and looks like shit. If he thinks he knows how to run a apartment building he has his head up his asshole. Don't count on these owners to fix or repair anything because they are stupid bastards!!! and when i went to go do my laundry- there was a pimp and hooker doing it on the machines, and the owner was recording with his video camera it that SICK ASS BASTARD!!! do not stay here or you will get HIV from the machines,and there is a crazy lady on the second floor that looks like jack black in a dress, and it is being ran like a hotel,it is scary to live here without someone like a security guard to look out for the tenants and the building,i would call the cops but it takes to long for them to get here, this place is a joke!!!

February, 2001 - June, 2012
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