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2 Beds, 1.0 Bath, 1st Floor, $2,100.00 / month

This apartment is fantastic! The only downside about this apartment is that there isn't a lot of storage space. If you're willing to get rid of a bunch of stuff, this apartment is amazing.

First off, there is a dedicated off street parking space right in front of the apartment, so you don't have to deal with parking tickets and street sweeping. Because there are spots in front of the building, the house is set back from the road so it's a lot quieter than it would be if it was right next to the sidewalk.

It feels like a cabin in the woods, due to the interesting design of the building and the number of trees around the house. There's a patio in the back that is shared with the upstairs apartment, but during our time in the apartment the upstairs neighbor didn't use the patio so we were able to use it almost exclusively. There are a ton of windows in every room in the apartment, and all you see out of each of them are the trees around the house.

There is a small washer/dryer in unit, which is fantastic (and no coin-op!).

It's two blocks from both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, so we're always running down the block to get this or that for dinner. It's a fantastic perk. It's also very easy to commute to route 90, memorial drive, or central square to catch the red line.

I can't praise this apartment enough!

July, 2010 - June, 2010
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