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Apartment: None specified
5 Beds, 1.0 Bath

Noise -- It's a college neighborhood, next to the top street for Tufts parties. Quiet should not be expected.
I never did laundry at the house because the basement machines, which were coin-operated, weren't reliable.
The landlord was available, but not responsive to requests.
Public transportation is walking distance to Davis Square (.75 miles) and there was a bus stop down the street from the house.
There are about 5 parking spots divided between the two duplex apartments, but it's a single line. So you have to move cars to get your car out.
Safety is an issue in the area, as there are assaults that happen within the area. But it's well-lit.

June, 2006 - May, 2008
Apartment: 1
4 Beds, 1.0 Bath, 1st Floor

Great house overall, living room and kitchen are pretty nice. Bathroom lights have a strange fixture and do not get very bright, even with new bulbs. Location is really tough to beat if you are a Tufts student, especially for the price. I'd recommend the house to anyone.

June, 2010 - June, 2012

Good apartment. Enough space in both the rooms and common areas. The kitchen is a little small, but new appliances were put in so that makes up for it. The basement is large. The laundry machines work, but it costs $1.50 per load. Great location, right off campus.

June, 2010 - May, 2012
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