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1 Bed, 1.0 Bath

The main problem is the heating in the house. The walls of the house are adjacent to the street and hence the house stays cold in the winter, i.e. even after cranking up the heater. In fact the bed room remained so cold that I had to vacate it and stay in the living room.
Also the heating bill is high, I would say it averages $ 175 per month during the 4 months of winter.
Also the backyard of the house is usually clogged with trash which leads to problems with roaches.

Finally the landlord is not very professional. It appears that this house is not very high on his priority list. He did not sign and return the lease forms for almost 3 months and I got them only after repeated requests. Also take necessary precautions to protect your security deposit. Keep a record of even the smallest damage in the house before entering and while leaving the house. I lost major portion of my security deposit because of some damages that my previous tenant had committed. Also insist on extermination of roaches even if you come across only a few in the house. Even though I had mentioned about the presence of roaches, I had to bear the costs of extermination after leaving the house.

All in all I would not rate the house high because of the as mentioned reasons. Consider it only if the rent is very low, say $ 900-1000 but then brace up for a cold winter.

March 7th, 2012
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