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4 Beds, 1.0 Bath, 2nd Floor

This place was a classic first apt. out of college. Not the cleanest place but also not the dirtiest. Floors are pretty crooked and carpets are old but no mold or other badness to note. Get's pretty hot in the summer with lack of cross ventilation. Rooms are on the small side with not so big closets. But the kitchen is pretty big, the heat stays on in the winter, and it was pretty cheap rent for such an amazing location! The location was definitely the best attribute. It was 2 min from the red line and right across the street from tons of food and entertainment options. Grocery stores all within 1/2 mile. Really good starter place. Not the best place to settle in later in life or if you want a good quiet space.

September 14th, 2010
Apartment: 5
4 Beds, 2.0 Baths, 1st Floor, $3,200.00 / month

This apartment is great because it's extremely close to the red line and the bus routes located in central square. It's not even a 5 minute walk to the red line.

There are a ton of bars and restaurants to go to in central square, in addition to the middle east being less than a block away. If you're not familiar with the middle east, it's a great venue to see new bands and music.

This apartment is perfect for either current undergrads or recent grads, because the building is full of other young people. That said, it can be very noisy in front of the building, with people walking by, and with buses and cars going by on Brookline St.

The kitchen of the apartment leaves something to be desired. There aren't any windows in the kitchen (it's in the middle of the building) so you have no idea if it's 3am or 3pm in the afternoon. It was a little bit of a weird design, and hard to have a nice dinner with friends over.

There is a back hallway that is great for storage, which is helpful because there isn't a ton of closet space.

September, 2005 - August, 2006

This was a great apartment right out of school with friends. It has everything you need and is really close to Central Sq, so you can go out and have access to everything in Cambridge.

March 27th, 2011
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