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1 Bed, 1.0 Bath, 1st Floor, $785.00 / month

There were ups and downs to this apartment, and ultimately the downs won out so I moved.

(1) the apartment is huge, and private and quiet. You have your own individual building entrance and easy access to the laundry.

(2) The bathroom has really nice tile and decent shower. Bedroom closet is spacious.

(3) good location, easy walk to the shadyside nightlife, CMU bus, and main bus, or even walk/bike to CMU campus


(1) First off, the rent was way too high, particularly for the area, and particularly for the management.

(2) The laundry machines might not always work, and are coin-op. There's only one washer and one dryer.

(3) The apartment doesn't get much sunlight and always feels dark. I had to get additional lamps just to cheer up.

(4) The entrance to the apartment is around back, feels a little sketchy at first, but I guess not too bad, but you usually will have to explain this to delivery men (my apartment is around back).

(5) Management is quick to call if you're a day or two late on rent, but very slow to respond otherwise. This is annoying cause the building is old and needs maintenance. My upstairs neighbor's shower blew out its tap and water poured down the walls and into my ceiling. No calls were picked up by management at home nor the office, and we finally fixed it ourselves. Someone finally came by a week later. let me repeat that A WEEK LATER. I moved in and there was a broken dishwasher that didn't get fixed for more than a month. They never repainted the walls before my move in (but apparently charged the previous tenant anyway). They will stiff you on your deposit when you move out. And there have been various other leaks in other apartments that dripped down the walls.

(6) The management does not budge on negotiating your lease nor rent.

(7) The management does not communicate. The previous tenant (a classmate of mine) had asked the landlord to extend his lease by a month since he was out of town an could not move out until then. The management agreed, and then forgot, telling me I could move in and begin paying rent for that same month. Move in day comes and management calls to tell me that they're having an issue where the previous tenant hasn't moved out yet. So I basically have to find a couch to crash on until I can move in. Fortunately, they did allow me to not pay for the weeks I couldn't live there.

(8) Heating in this apartment is terrible. The apartment has bad insulation to begin with (your best bet is to get some good curtains to put over the windows). The heating vents don't pump out much heat, and worst of all, the ducts need major cleaning because everytime you run the heat, the apartment smells like stale cigarettes. Let me repeat that too THE HEATING DUCTS MAKE THE APT SMELL LIKE STALE CIGARETTES.

(misc) I've had several friends live in apts managed by Pittsburgh Land Company, and it's basically a slumlord system. avoid their apartments.

November 14th, 2010
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