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Apartment: None specified

the above review was by fran. an old, ugly bitch across the street who calls the cops for everything. she has a sandy vag and hates the fact that we have fun 4-5 times a year.

May 2nd, 2012
Apartment: 1
4 Beds, 3.0 Baths, 1st Floor, $2,400.00 / month

Entire house (three floors) is one apartment. Roommates are very social. Landlord lives in the house, which is great because he addresses any household problems. Two kitchens, dining room, big living room. Awesome backyard (w/ gardens) + porch + outdoor hot-tub. Very close to Tufts Campus (1 minute walk from Carmichael Hall), and near Boston Ave restaurants. On-street parking always available, although visitors pass or Medford parking permit necessary. Single-lane driveway holds 3 cars. Public transportation in form of MBTA buses at Winthrop/Boston Ave intersection: 94 (Medford/Davis), 96 (Medford/Harvard), 80 (Medford/Lechmere). A 20 minute walk to Davis Square (Red Line). Quiet neighborhood, mostly residential with a few "Tufts undergraduate" apartments in the area.

January, 2010 - September, 2011

It is a very nice house to live in, all the amenities. The neighbors can be bothersome.

September, 2007 - January, 2010
Apartment: 34

This house is just an older version of a tufts house. As a neighbor on this street of it I can attest that the landlord must be an overage partier him/herself. They party almost every night on the summer weekends and talk outside at all hours. I mean ALL hours. Often times till 4AM. There are other Tufts houses in the area but they are populated by the typical undergrads that you would expect to party all the time. Landlord most be one lonely sonofabitch to be partying with the KIDS I see walk out of that house. Do us a favor and avoid it.
Signed, a Tesla ave resident

May 13th, 2011
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