Privacy Policy
At RentMaps it's our mission to help you find the best information about an apartment before you move in. Respecting our users' privacy is a central tenet of that concept. We take privacy very seriously and want to make sure our users feel comfortable using our site.

We do not sell you information. We will not sell your information.

If you choose to login with Facebook to RentMaps, we respect the information you give us. Here's how we use it:
  • We allow you to rate apartments that your friends have lived in
  • We allow your friends to rate apartments you have lived in
That's it. We don't share your personal information with people you aren't friends with. We refresh your friend information at regular intervals so that if you de-friend someone or add friends, those changes in Facebook are incorporated into our algorithms. In instances where we make information about ratings public, it will be anonymized and grouped together so that it will be impossible to tie the information to you.

If you have any questions or problems with privacy on our site, feel free to contact Dan, the founder, at: